pátek 18. prosince 2015

Warm Frost

New kit Warm Frost is coming right now. Enjoy the sparkling frosted snowflakes and warm moments of Christmas with this light kit in shades of red and blue. You find the kit here or here

pátek 20. listopadu 2015

Time of Waiting

There is a new kit coming right now, the kit full of sweet smells of vanila and cinamon. Enjoy the atmosphere of the coming advent time, of long evenings with candels light, warm mug of tea and sweet gingerbreads. Time of Waiting for Christmas... visit my shop here or here.

pátek 6. listopadu 2015

pátek 16. října 2015

new kit On My Way

I really love the song by Phil Collins "On My Way". It is so positive and optimistic. When I was creating the new kit I was thinking about the different ways of our lifes, about stories of we are writting every day by our acts, our feelings, our emotions... There are tiny moment, only pieces of time, but our feelings make them huge. These kit is about these little bits of time that are important and that you want to remember forever. Use the kit to scrap these moments, to keep your memories. Enjoy scrapping!

úterý 22. září 2015

Autumn...The Crazy Painter

Let's invite the most colourful season of the year with the new collection "Autumn...The Crazy Painter". Framed your autumn photos with all the art of autumn that I put together into the kit. Be inspirated by beautiful layout created by ladies of my creative team.
The collection "Autumn...The Crazy painter" includes the kit with 94elements and 10 papers, bundle of clusters and masks. You can find there coordinated wordards as well. You can find the collection here and here
Enjoy scrapping!

středa 19. srpna 2015

Golden Fields

Golden fields, golden sun, yellow flowers, hot breeze, buzz of bees... all sounds, colours and smells of late summer are hiden in this collection. Perfect for your summer photos!
You can buy the kit where are 91 elements, 12 papers and 5 WA or you can choose the whole collection where you can find beside the kit also 5 masks and 7 clusters.
Find the kit or the collection here and here.


čtvrtek 23. července 2015

Granny's Jam Collection

New collection is full of sweet summer tastes and essences. For creation of the collection I was inspirated by the gift I was given by my daughter - sweet little strawberries on the string of grass picking with love: The kit is full of this love, love between daughter and mum, and grand-daughter and granny. Love for times and summer that have passed and lives only in our memories. Times when we spend more time with people we love.
Spend the time of this summer with people who you love!
Enjoy scrapping! Kit available here and here.

středa 22. července 2015

neděle 28. června 2015

Sea Sprayed freebie

Hello everybody,
here is Sea Sprayed freebie prepared for you. If you like it you can find a lot more in the collection Sea Sprayed available here.

sobota 27. června 2015

Sea Sprayed collection

Kit Sea Sprayed is avaliable in the collection with bundle of masks and clusters. You can find the collection here.

and as a bonnus you get several Sea Sprayed wordarts

čtvrtek 25. června 2015

NEW kit Sea Sprayed

Hello everybody,
there is new kit Sea Sprayed, full of summer sun and salt water. I was inspirated to create this kit by one of these moments of summer when you lie on the beach, half asleep, felling hot beams of sun on your body, hearing children voices and laught, sounds of sea waves and cries of seagulls. This is real feel of summer for me.
Enjoy it with this kit that you can find here. Happy scrapping!

úterý 23. června 2015

Play for new kit SEA SPRAYED

New kit Sea Sprayed is comming soon. Play with me! Give the like to my FB page. From new likes I will choose one winner next week who is going to get whole collection that contens kit Sea Sprayed, set of clusters, set of masks and set of wordarts! Good luck!

úterý 9. června 2015

Wild Roses inspiration

Be inspired by fantastic pages created by my Creative Team with the collection Wild Roses.
The whole collection includes kit Wild Roses, set of coordinated masks and set of clusters.

neděle 7. června 2015

NEW kit Wild Roses

Hello everybody,
I am happy to introduce you my new kit Wild Roses. The kit is inspirated by soft and warm spring evening full of beautiful sweet smell of wild roses... inspirated by first feelings of love, by memories of first kisses ... try to remember these moments.... happy scrapping!

čtvrtek 4. června 2015

úterý 19. května 2015

Blue Jeans Summer Inspiration

Here are adorable pages that my Creative Team prepared with new kit Blue Jeans Summer for your inspiration. If you want to taste the kit you can grab the free sample :-)

download here

pátek 15. května 2015

středa 13. května 2015

Blue Jeans Summer kit

New kit Blue Jeans Summer is inspirated by the warm summer day when you take your shoes off, roll your jeans up and go barefooted throught the meadow, throught smelling lawn full of flowers... Enjoy the feeling!
You can find the kit in my shop. It includes 80 elements (some of them in special shadowed version as well) and 11 papers.

neděle 10. května 2015

čtvrtek 7. května 2015

New shop and kit Tulip Symphony

I am really proud to announce that I am now part of beautiful team of designers in digiscrapbooking.ch
You can find my new kit Tulip Symphony there.

I have also prepared small freebie that is coordinated with the kit.

you can download the freebie here

pondělí 27. dubna 2015

Tearose Garden freebie kit

Hi everybody,
here is new freebie I have created for you. I was inspirated by beautiful park garden here in my city - Prague. In the heart of the city it is place of peace and quiet with blossom trees and roses and peacocks walking on the lawn.
Please feel free to download the kit here (sorry, the kit is no more available). Thanks a lot for your comments and layouts!


pátek 10. dubna 2015

Dandilion Honey...freebie for you

I really love spring, it is my favorite season of year. I love all flowers blossoming and all colours shining so freshly. I have picked these fresh colours for the new freebie kit as I pick dandilions' blossoms for special dandilion honey... Enjoy spring, enjoy colours, enjoy scrapping!

layout for you inspiration
download the kit here
sorry, this kit is no more available
thanks for leaved messages!

úterý 31. března 2015

New freebie kit and FB page

Hello everybody,
as I promised yesterday on my new Facebook page I have created new kit for you. It is really sweet this time - in shades of light and soft pink and beige.

If you wish to follow on FB, here you can find my page https://www.facebook.com/misiscrap

Thank you very much for you comments - it really gives me energy for my work!

layouts for you inspiration

you can download here
 sorry, this kit is no more available.

čtvrtek 19. března 2015

AWAKENING - New Freebie Kit

I have new freebie for you. It is in shadows of lilac this time and it is quite huge. I hope you are going to like it. Wish you beautiful spring a happy scrapping!

You can download the kit here
sorry, this kit is no more available.
And here is the layout for you inspiration

čtvrtek 26. února 2015

Ray of Spring...NEW Freebie

Hi everybody,
I have created new freebie scrapbook minikit for you. In our part of Earth the spring is just preparing for its start. I want to celebrate the beautiful time of year when nature is waiting for several warmer days and everything starts to blossom. Enjoy spring! And enjoy this kit as well :-)
PS: thank to all of you who are so kind not to just download but leave a few  nice words as well!!

and a layout for your inspiration
you can download the kit here
sorry, this kit is no more available.

čtvrtek 12. února 2015

New Valentine freebie

Here is absolutely fresh free minikit for you. Enjoy it!

download here
sorry, this kit is no more available.

středa 21. ledna 2015

Freebie Touch of Spring

Hi everybody,
I have created new freebie scrapbook minikit for you. I hope, you like it.
It will be nice if you leave a comment or link to your layouts.

Download the kit here
sorry, this kit is no more available.


pátek 9. ledna 2015

Soft flakes - freebie

I am happy to offer you scrapbook freebie minikit Soft flakes. Enjoy scrapping!

download here
sorry, this kit is no more available.

Layouts for your inspiration